I am a midwife, childbirth educator, lecturer, doula, and natural mother of eight children. This is not a medical reference; I do not proclaim to give medical advice. Anything stated here is from personal experience, research, study, and opinion. Each woman has the responsibility to do her own research, consult with her own medical team, and make her own decisions about pregnancy and birth.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My top ten advices for labor and birth...

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

I recently received a message from an expectant mother in London.  She said she was due in a week and stated, "I am starting to panic as I don't know much about birth, recomended dua's during birth, if there is anything in Sunna that tells us about woman in labour, the best positions and pain relief, and how to 'welcome' the newborn."
I thought it may be helpful to post my answer to her here so that others could benefit as well.  There are of course many more things I teach women about preparing for their birth, but this mother only has one week until her due date and is located far from my childbirth classroom. 

I hope you enjoy reading this advice.  Please let me know if have any questions or concerns. Now on to the advice...My top ten advices for labor and birth... 

Aisha Al Hajjar November 11 at 9:37pm
Wa alaikum asalam, Sister,

I'm so happy for you! Alf mabrook! May Allah make your birth easy, your child healthy, and your family pious.

The only thing mentioned in Qur'an (that I know of) about birth is the story of Maryam having Jesus. The biggest thing to gleem from this is the eating of dates in labor. Of course it is known that the dua of a laboring woman is accepted, so be prepared to make your strongest dua for yourself and those you love and all the Ummah and don't forget me too! :) It is Sunnah to recite the Adhan in the right ear and the Iqamma in the left ear of the baby immediatly after birth.

Not only have I had 8, but I teach childbirth classes and serve as a labor doula (I attend births with women to encourage and support them through it). I see you are in London, so I can't help you with that! But you may want to look into doula serices. You may be able to find a doula in your area by doing a web search

My top ten advices to you:

1. DO NOT TAKE PAIN MEDICATION, it reaches your baby within 60 seconds, increases risk of higher medical interventions including c-section, and can cause lots of problems for mom, baby, and the labor. Please read my articles at:

2. DO NOT TAKE AN I.V., the glucose raises yours and your baby's blood sugar levels. During labor, stay hydrated by drinking water and nourished by eatin dates instead. Also, having a runing I.V. maes it too easy for them to inject further medcations without you realizing or knowing until it's too late.

3. DON'T GO TO THE HOSITAL TOO SOON, the sooner you arrive in your labor, the sooner and more likely they will want to intervene in your labor and the less likely for a natural birth.

4. DON'T PAY ATTENTIN TO YOUR LABOR UNTIL YOU HAVE TO, keep doing whatever you normally do until the labor makes you stop and really pay attention.

5. RELAXATION IS THE KEY TO LABOR, when you get to the point where your labor really hurts, RELAX. Don't tense any muscles. Lay still with your eyes closed, mouth open, tongue relaxed, jaw relaxed, hands loose limp and open. If you tense you will fight your body and make the pain worse.

6. DO NOT LIE FLAT ON YOUR BACK, during labor or delivery. It cuts off the circulation to you and your baby as well as fights your body as the uterus is trying to move forward in labor and it's difficult to accomplish this when you're on your back.

7. DO NOT LET THEM PUT YOU IN STIRRUPS FOR DELIVERY, as it spreads your legs wide open (great for the doctor not for you) and increases the liklihood you will tear.

8. PULL YOUR LEGS UP AND BACK DURING PUSHING STAGE, not wide open. Put your hands under your knees, keeping your elbows up and out, and pull your legs back. This will give you the best chance not to tear during delivery and it shortens the vagina and makes the birth faster.

9. WALK IN EARLY LABOR as this opens the inlet of the pelvis.

10. SQUAT, if you can, in late labor as this opens the outlet of the pelvis.

I'll be praying for you. Please let me now how it goes. I'd love post your birth story on my blog!

Best regards,

-Aisha, Natural Mom


  1. May Allah s.t bless you for your valuable advice.

  2. Salaam, I have read all your advice...thanks. But I was wondering what do you do if your water breaks. Because I too would like to do a natural birth but when I had my little girl last year my water break and the hospital Give me the IV and yes you are right..they does just add more meds with you knowing until it's too late. And yes when you go in to the hospital ...it's like they cuz what you in n out. They try to give you whatever they can to speedy up the delivery. I am pregnant know with my second child and I'm trying to educate myself a little more about the delivery process. So donyou have any advice to pregnant woman who's water breaks. What are somethings we can do or not to do so we can have a natural birth.

  3. Salaams sis. I had a c section with my first baby. Now I'm pregnant again . I had a c section coz my fetus absorbed meconium.is there any way to avoid that coz I'm scared this tim tooo