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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ask me again why to avoid unnecessary cesareans!

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

I want to share a link to another accident in the delivery room.  I'll keep my comments short, as there's no need to say much, except pray for this poor woman, ya Rab!

If you see something in the news related to labor and birth, please send it to me.  I'm always looking for relevant articles to share.  I wish there were more inspirational and happy ones, of course. 


  1. How absolutely awful! I had never heard of incidents like this before. Being that I had two C-sections, I'm so grateful I did not have to go through that. My heart goes out to the mother, of course. Such a beautiful event, bringing a new baby in the world...what should of been pure joy and bonding time...this mother suffered needlessly.

  2. Asalam Alaikum,

    And sadder yet are the thousands of other stories that don't make it to the news or my blog. Medical interventions up the ante of risks in birth. That's a fact!

    If I can influence just one mama to GO NATURAL...then I'm satisfied I've done my job to spare her and her baby the undue risk and heartache. One mother, one birth, one baby at a time...

    Best regards,

    -Aisha, Natural Mom