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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seek Allah in Pregnancy Loss

 Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim
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In recent months I have featured stories of pregnancy loss.  This topic is emotional for everyone involved.  Such stories even go beyond the families and affect anyone who reads or hears of them. 

I have found the sharing of these stories to be a blessing.  That is they bring us back to the reality that Allah (SWT) is all powerful and in command of all things.  As we rush around in our busy, we lives we become forgetful and guilty of being caught up in the things of this life, dunya.  The loss of a life not yet lived is a solid reminder of the uncertainty of our tomorrows on Earth.

I find it an honor to share stories of birth, whether the start of life or story of loss.  I pray you find peace from this post and invite you to share your own stories here.  Now on to the article...Seek Allah in Pregnancy Loss...

As much as we mourn for the loss of such precious little ones, we should also rejoice in knowing that Jennah is promised for them and our children will await us at its gates, insha’Allah.

I have personally been blessed with being on the other end of the line (be it mobile or internet chat) with three close friends as their miscarriage experiences began.  I felt it an honor and a responsibility to morally and spiritually support these dear sisters as they were reaching out to me for guidance during such a heart wrenching time.

In each case the communication began with the expectant mother suspecting something was wrong or that she was losing her baby.  Each one came to me for guidance and a glimmer of hope that maybe what they were experiencing was normal and I would tell them that everything was fine.  But with each one, I knew the reality of what was happening and could only make dua for a miracle along with peace for the mother for what I was fairly sure she was about to go through.

Amazingly, in each situation, I found blessing in the experience, alhamdulelah.  The mothers all remained strong and were able to be thankful to Allah for the time they were blessed to carry the little life within them, masha’Allah.  

Today I dedicate my blog post and my duas to all sisters who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or child.  May Allah give you peace and strength to seek HIM during your time of grief and may your beautiful babe meet you at the gates of Jennah.  

It is important for families who experience such loss to watch for depression, especially in the mother who experiences physical and hormonal changes in addition to the emotions of loss.

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